Front-end, back-end, production start-up

This step is often underestimated when creating a website. However, development is the keystone that will bring your project to life online. From static to dynamic, your Web design will finally take shape.
Later on, your new support will need to be maintained and updated to avoid unpleasant surprises. Of course, many companies also like to see their website develop over the years to keep up with trends and/or add features that can save them a lot of time and money in the short to medium term.
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Front-end development

The first step in the development of the site is the integration of the design created by a web designer, using software such as Microsoft's Visual Studio, which allows you to write all the code the code necessary to display the graphic elements on all web browsers.

The languages used at this stage are HTML to create the structure of the site, CSS to add style and colors to the elements and to add style and colors to the elements and Javascript to create various animations and and other desired effects.

Front-end development is what allows a site to be visible from a mobile device, tablet or computer, regardless of screen resolution.

Back-end development

Back-end development is about doing everything possible to leverage the site's functionality and functionality of the site and the business rules programmed into the site or web application. Web application. The complexity of the functionality will depend on the type of project: it can be relatively simple tasks such as relatively simple tasks, such as integrating a payment platform for an existing site, or something more or something more complex that requires a database, such as process automation, customer relationship management development, a custom API or even an import script or even an import script.

This critical step is the least visible element of a website and perhaps the least known, as it because it rarely includes visual elements. However, it is this element that will have the greatest impact on a company's return on investment.

Production start-up

Once the testing phase of the device and the functionalities is completed, the site or application must be hosted on a web server.

Therefore, the full stack developer must be able to configure a server, physical or virtual, to deliver the code and make it available online by the code and make it available online by linking the domain name to the server via DNS.

This is what defines the production of a website or a mobile application before its delivery to the mobile application before its delivery to the company within the time decided between the two parties (the and the customer) when confirming the quote or signing a contract.

There are generally two types of contracts in Web development, namely the development or fixed price. The first one generally consists in invoicing the exact time spent on a project, while the second proposes a fixed amount negotiated upstream between the ESN and the between the ESN and the customer according to the importance of the project.

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