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Get involved in Research and Development and Innovation with Sytadelle! Two elements intimately linked, like UX and UI Design in digital marketing, and yet different. Sytadelle offers innovative solutions and products to its customers, and is committed to demonstrating and reinforcing its knowledge of the state of the art in Artificial Intelligence. This is for the Research & Development part.
Recognized as a Young Innovative Company since its creation in 2011, Sytadelle works on both fronts. It is therefore important to define them clearly in order to better distinguish them. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has defined and codified R&D work in the Frascati Manual published in 2002.
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Research & Development

R&D work thus brings together "creative work undertaken in a systematic way to increase the sum of knowledge, including knowledge of man, culture and society, as well as the use of this sum of knowledge for new applications"

R&D can therefore be a determinant of innovation and it necessarily distinguishes three main components:
  • Basic research

  • Applied research

  • Experimental development

As already mentioned above, Research & Development therefore invites the company to improve its knowledge in relation to the state of the art and to confront the scientific obstacles that will have been revealed during fundamental or applied research. But also to the technological obstacles and difficulties that will have been identified! The company can then also launch an R&D project to develop an alternative technology to eliminate these technological barriers.


Innovation is more related to a product or a technological process. The OECD Oslo Manual of the OECD, which also specifies "guidelines for the collection and interpretation of interpretation of innovation data", gives the following definition in its in its 3rd edition: "Technological product and process innovations (TPPs) cover technologically new products and processes as well as products and processes as well as significant technological improvements in products and processes that technological improvements of products and processes that have been achieved. A BPT innovation has been accomplished when it has been introduced on the market (product innovation) or used in a production process (process innovation). BPT innovations involve involve all kinds of scientific, technological, organizational financial and commercial activities. The innovative firm is a firm that has achieved technologically new or significantly improved products or processes during the period under consideration."

You will therefore understand that an innovation project is more a matter of competitive intelligence on a given market. The TPP innovations must result in the design or the realization of a new product which will offer performances superior performances compared to its predecessors. It can be on the ergonomics of the product, on its eco-design, respecting the principles of sustainable development and the environment, on functionalities or even technical aspects.

The creation of innovative products and solutions

In short, innovation enables the marketing of a new product with, upstream, Research & Development work that will have identified and extracted ideas or concepts, whether or not they are advanced and feasible.

The Forecasting.ai product is a typical example of an innovative Sytadelle product that has yet to find its market, but which has its origins in the company's R&D on Artificial Intelligence.

If you wish to innovate with a new product on your market or in your sector, do not hesitate to contact us directly to talk to us about it and we will put our Research & Development department at your service to set up fundamental and applied research and experimental development.