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Sytadelle supports companies of all sizes to help them create applications and applications and services that appeal to their users. The experience, expertise, constant innovation and reputation for professionalism guarantee a user experience company's experience, expertise, constant innovation and reputation for professionalism guarantee a user experience tailored to your needs.
With IT departments, marketing departments, innovation departments, R&D departments, in large accounts, software publishers and digital start-ups, Sytadelle designs innovative services for its clients. Our team, multidisciplinary and complementary, is composed of engineers, writers communication and marketing experts, all at the service of the user experience experience (UX).
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User Centric

We create a more human technology by placing the end user at the center of our of our approach. UX Design refers to user experience. It is a term that from the English words User and Experience. UX Design allows us to manage the of a user with the application or the website on which he connects or, more simply, how the or, more simply, how the user can get from point A to point B more easily. point B more easily.

The objective is to determine a logic and a hierarchy hierarchy to facilitate the user's journey and save time in his time in his quest. Of course, it is then necessary to study and collect data to ensure that the data to ensure that the ergonomics are good and the buttons are placed in the right place in the right place in order to facilitate the task and limit the number of clicks to to reach his goals.

Are UX and UI the same thing?

You will have understood that UX and UI Design, although sometimes assimilated, are two different things different and yet inseparable. The UI, User Interface in French, refers rather to the finished product, if we can summarize it this way. What the customer will have in front of him. The link finally between man and machine. It will be necessary to work the typography, define the shape of the buttons or "Call-To-Action" (CTA) to make the experience experience for the user. Focus on the form, the graphic side or the textual content. textual content. Themes are more defined.

With UX, the understanding of the user's needs comes into play to create the site that the site that best suits him. It is necessary to understand, or perhaps seek, first of all to whom who it is intended for, in what circumstances (where and why) or in what context it will be used? Everything must be considered, and the User Interface too of course, to provide the best of course, to provide the best possible experience. From visibility, through accessibility, credibility, ease of use, security, efficiency or seduction, nothing must be or seduction, nothing should be left out.

The fields of user experience

Therefore, the user experience combines several fields of application. It will be necessary to work on SEO to reference your website in order to make it visible on search engines. search engines. Realize web design to make a user interface in adequacy with the need. Writing to propose an adapted content. Work on the ergonomics, the functionalities and many others. This is what Sytadelle offers you with a triple expertise in engineering, development and digital marketing.

The team is experienced in working with agility for clients as varied as Engie, HBS, PSA or Space2be.
Sytadelle accompanies you in your digital strategy and helps you to improve durably your visibility on the internet.

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