SEO : Content optimization

Optimize the content of your website for a better referencing

The second aspect, just as essential as the technique or popularity for the referencing of your website, the content can allow you to gain positions in the search engine results pages. Especially if it is of quality, that is to say mainly original and in the chosen theme.
From keyword research to the publication of relevant content adapted to your theme, to your readership but also to the search engine robots, Sytadelle accompanies you in this long process, which is nevertheless essential for the good referencing of your website on search engines. This is the "On-page" part of SEO. With a real experience in terms of creation and management of contents, implementation of strategies and editorial charters with the presence in its teams of former journalists and Web editors, Sytadelle offers to take care of this part through its SEO subscription.

You will only have to take note of and validate the strategy throughout the process in order to concentrate on other tasks that are just as essential in the life of your company. The creation and management of content within the framework of an optimization of the referencing of your Internet site follows a finally classic methodology that Sytadelle applies. These are often common sense instructions that allow a real optimization of the referencing of your website.
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Start with relevant keyword research

All agencies or all self-respecting SEO providers start with an essential research of keywords according to the search volume, the difficulty to reach a positioning and the competition. Software such as Ubersuggest, SEMrush, Yooda Insight or Ranxplorer allow you to find the best keywords. Remember that a Google user will always hit a query before seeing your site appear in the search engine results pages and that it is therefore essential to know those that would be likely to bring a qualified audience to your site as often as possible to optimize conversions. This may be a caricature but it is an essential point to understand in order to better understand the creation and management of the content of your pages. Your content should be original, unique and above all, as much as possible, focused on the user's request.
Identifying your key words conditions a good part of your success on the Internet, especially on markets where the competition is well and truly present. For example, if your competition is fighting to be in position 1 on a given query because it is very frequently entered in search engines, wouldn't it be better to find an alternative on a less frequently used query but in which your competition is not interested? It will be easier to appear quickly on the first page or at the top of the search results with the second solution. This is the type of question we ask ourselves when we do a keyword research. Studying the interest of a keyword in the context of your activity is not enough, it is also necessary to measure its feasibility and look at other opportunities if the objective is too difficult to achieve.

Content in SEO is king

From this keyword strategy will come your editorial strategy to direct your content to the queries you have targeted. Never forget in SEO that content is king. In bulk, it must be relevant, unique, sufficiently well written, easy to share by readers and of course responding to your keyword strategy without forgetting those of long tail that Google takes more than ever into account to position websites in its search results pages.

To answer these different issues and ensure the success of such a project, Sytadelle develops a strategy and an editorial calendar upstream in order to manage news in your field, the creation of new pages, new content, the establishment of regular meetings, the creation of white papers, blogs or case studies.

Create a content adapted to your theme

The creation of content comes next, and here again, Sytadelle provides you with a team of Web editors as part of the service offered to you. All you have to do is validate the chosen themes and the content before it is put online. Sytadelle takes care of everything, right up to the sharing of the said content on social networks to further improve your exposure on the web. Of course, the writing of the content follows the Google guidelines.

From the length of the article or content, through the use of main keywords scattered here and there in the article to related keywords and the optimisation of internal linking to transmit the maximum amount of link juice to your different pages, Sytadelle establishes a global content strategy allowing a better referencing of your website on search engines like Google.
During the creation or writing of content, Sytadelle does not forget either its promotion via social networks or via press releases sent to the specialized press of your activity, to your partners or suppliers to mention only them. With Sytadelle's SEO service, the interest is to make you benefit from our experience to offer an original, relevant and totally adapted content to your target.