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Sytadelle proposes to offer you a free and non-binding natural referencing estimate. The ideal way to have a complete report on your company's website and to benefit from first advices to improve its positioning in the search engines results pages.

Which services for an SEO audit or subscription?

You are starting in the Internet adventure or you simply wish to improve the existing and optimize the positioning of your Web pages in the result pages of search engines? search engines? Sytadelle offers you a free and non-binding natural referencing quote which will start with an audit of the existing will start with an audit of the existing. The SEO being a long term work, all our services, once confirmed our services, once confirmed, commit us on a determined duration.

Identify blocking factors with an audit

An SEO audit is essential. It is an absolutely necessary process that will provide your company with real and effective data. When done correctly, the SEO analysis will tell you what is working on your current website, what is not working and how you can improve your website in terms of SEO so that it takes a higher place in Google search engines and generates more links.
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Take out a subscription to manage your SEO

Our SEO subscription or package always starts with an audit of your website. Indeed, it is thanks to this that you will know which optimizations should be made. This will increase the traffic of your site. We will determine together the keywords that are important for you. 1 web page = 1 keyword. Thus, you will get a well optimized content and page. We will give you a whole list of recommendations for the implementation of a better SEO strategy with monthly meetings. We will talk about performance, editorial line, HTML tags, internal linking, etc. Nothing can be left to chance. Everything is designed so that your site can rise to the top of the search results.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the optimizations that must be made to seduce search engines and Google in particular. Indeed, nine out of ten searches on the Internet are done on this site in France. This is why it is important to optimize your referencing according to the good practices of this search engine to hope to arrive on its first page, even in its first three results.

Improve the technical performance of your site

The technique is an important step when a company has ambitions in terms of natural or organic referencing. It is the first step of a project aiming at optimizing the natural referencing of a site on search engines. It allows to follow Google's recommendations and to align the site with its technical characteristics in order to improve its performance.

Write relevant and qualitative content

Content is now the key lever of organic or natural referencing and the key to success in front of robots, while offering a better response to users' requests. The objective is therefore to regularly publish relevant and qualitative content to attract robots and allow a better indexing of your website.

Improve your popularity with link building

Netlinking is a set of strategies to increase the number of links pointing to your website. Ideally, they should come from your target or core target. In other words, the sources should deal with topics in the same thematic as yours and that are relevant to your content. To apply it, you will have to accumulate the famous backlinks.