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Our customized SEO service must follow Google's recommendations. The difference will be essentially the working method and the follow-up of the project, which is more or less important for the implementation of the optimization recommendations and the daily consultations.
Here are our services below as part of our subscription offer in natural referencing.

Website referencing audit

Each service begins with an audit of the SEO site, which will:
  • evaluate the quality of existing technical, editorial and liaison aspects,
  • identify the obstacles to the good positioning of the site in its theme,
  • understand the competitive environment,
  • define a strategy to achieve the objectives,
  • propose recommendations with a concrete action plan and implementation schedule.

Monthly follow-up

The proposal includes the operational support of the SEO consultant/project manager. His role is to follow up on your file and ensure that the technical and semantic recommendations of the audit are properly implemented. Please note that the development budget for the site modification is never included. It is therefore necessary to plan an additional budget in collaboration with your web agency. This amount will depend on the number of corrections that will be made to the site. Your SEO specialist has a senior profile and is your contact person for any SEO questions you may have. They will be available at your request or for monthly scheduled meetings.

Writing and regular optimization of content

Regular editing or optimization of the content (category texts, product sheet enrichment, blog articles, ...) provided. If the client has his own editors, the service provider only takes care of the SEO optimization of the published content. He will often propose you to define an editorial calendar with your team to organize it.


Work on networking based on minimum number of referrals received each month. The supplier must commit to a minimum number of links to be received. But be careful, these links must be of good quality! It is better to have several links with a high trust flow than many links with a trust flow of 10. A special budget for this item is usually included in the sales proposal. Cleaning up links can sometimes be a preliminary step to building new links. Since Google penalizes over-optimization of non-links, it is often necessary to go through disavowing links placed on poor quality sites or over-optimized anchors before starting to qualitatively strengthen the non-link.

Monthly report

Monthly report on the positions received on the target keywords with their evolution. A written monthly report containing detailed information about the actions taken during the previous month and the results obtained. The report allows you to see the proposed actions that will be taken in the coming month according to a specific strategy. The monitoring of the competition can be part of the subjects studied, as well as the general monitoring of the referencing.

A monthly meeting, either physically or by phone, with your contact person to review the month's results and check together what actions to take. The Google position tracking tools used may vary, although some of them are required, such as SEMrush, Majestic, Ahref, Screaming Frog or Ubersuggest. But this does not affect the price of the service.